Are you a homeowner in Spain?

Tired of long & lengthy manual registering guest to Policía?

We are certain till now you would have visited many portals and websites for your property, but we are sure about this too,all home-owners & property management service provider knows the pain of manual work & how they constantly struggle for registering guests to Policía. As per the Spanish Law compliance, the guests need to be registered within 24 hours of arrival.

So here’s how we can help you… PlusGuests in Spain popularly working on active properties of Andalucia. We are one of the kind service providers, wherein the guest registration process with Policía in Spain get fast & easy as never before.

Prime focus by PlusGuests is ensuring a quick & easy process which makes registration hassle-free for you & your guests to enhance holiday experience in Andalucia Spain. We make it certain that the process is automated & simplified to make sure seamless process runs along with complying the law.

Here’s how this works:

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A Quick Brief On The Process:

Guests registration simplified

Once the rental agreement is approved by Property manager, a unique url is created for guest form registration. As soon as the guests fill up the form, their details will be visible to the property manager.

1.) Easy check-ins

As soon as the guests arrive you can verify all data collected earlier. Minor modifications or edits are possible at the same time. Go ahead and click on the verify button for that guest. The pdf for that guest will be emailed to the Property manager.

2.) Fast Uploading to Policía

A unique data file is generated for each guest party & sent through to you over email. Instead of manually adding each and every guest details, you can simply upload the datafile to Policía website in a single click.

3.) Store your data

As per Spanish laws, the landlords are entitled to save details of their guests in hard copy for at least 3 years from the date of inspection. The Spanish law also defines the format in which these details are to be stored. Plusguests will provide you the pdf of each guest on verification. All you need to do is simply print it. You can download these pdfs anytime you want.

4.) Multiple Roles

Do you handle multiple properties? Do you have a team of Supervisors? No worries, because Plusguests helps you add your supervisors and assign them to particular villas, so they can handle the guest verification process at the time of arrival. All you need to do is simply invite the guest party and share the Guest form url so the details are ready by the time guests arrive.

5.) Customized & Flexible

Every homeowner sends rental agreement to their guests which includes finalized terms and conditions for the time of stay. Plusguests help you manage your rental agreement and also provides the flexibility to customize it for your specific guest parties. Get your agreement signed by the primary guests and start sending invites to your guests for filling guest forms.

FREE registrations & check-ins less than 5 mins

Home owners of Spain now you can relax and make sure all guests have necessary documentation before arriving, this ensures elimination of any issues which usually occurs on arrival. PlusGuests truly has a very innovative and significant process for you to avail for just a click away!

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