PlusGuests is a platform for Home Owners or Property Management Companies to organize their Guests details and make it easier for them to send it to police.

As per the new law passed in Spain in 2016, Home Owners are required to send information about the guests to police and also keep the hard copy of the details for at least 3 years from the date of arrival of guests.
PlusGuests platform will help in easy verification of your guests arriving and then generate the PDF (as required by law) to be downloaded and printed in physical copy. PlusGuests helps you to upload data to the police.

Anyone who owns a villa and rents it to Guests can register. Property Management Companies who are handling multiple properties can register too.

No. The registration is completely free.

Roles at PlusGuests

There are various roles of users interacting with this portal. Each user role has a different degree of interaction with the platform. The user roles interacting are: Property Owner, Property Manager, Supervisor, Guest Party, Primary Guests, Guests.

The one who registers on the website, whether the home owner or Property Management company will be called Account manager. The Account manager is the one who registers one or several properties.

Supervisors are employed by Property managers to verify the guests at the property at the time of arrival and make sure the required details are taken. Supervisors cannot register directly to website. But they can join the website if invited by Account Manager. Account Manager can assign particular properties to particular supervisor to ensure guest verification at the time of arrival of guests.

Yes, you can invite as many supervisors as you want. Remember Supervisor is someone who is present at the villa when the guests arrive and does the verification of the guests. Just make sure to inform the concerned Supervisor to be present at the given time.

You can ask that Property Management company to register on this platform. They can then give you access to your Properties by assigning you as the Home Owner. Once invited, you will be able to view the happenings under your villa.
After registration, you can add a new property. You can fill out the necessary details of the villa, and create a guest party under it. Once created, you can assign the supervisor and start inviting guests.
No. We have a clear distinction between different user roles and it is not possible to have multiple user roles at the same time. This is to ensure the access level of each user role in the overall system. But you can always create a new account for another user role.

Guest Party and Rental Agreement

Guest Party is the group of guests who are arriving at a specific time. You can simple go to guest management section, select the relevant Property/ Villa and then simple invite Guest Party. You will be asked to fill out the details of Primary Guest and send him or her the Rental agreement. The Primary Guest needs to fill out the details in the Rental agreement and add his/her digital signature.

The Rental Agreement you set up under the villa is the generic Rental Agreement. If you are sending the same Rental Agreement to all Guest Parties, then you will not need to modify that agreement while inviting Guests. Rental Agreement while inviting guest is an add-on facility to send specific rental agreement to this specific Guest Party.

Yes, you can change the Rental Agreement any-time before sending it to your Primary Guest.

Yes, you can change the Rental Agreement at the time of adding a Guest Party.

Once Primary guest fills up the Rental Agreement, Account Manager can review the details and then Approve it. Once approved, an email is automatically sent to the Primary Guest. Primary Guest can now start to share the forms with the other Guests in the Guest Party. All Guests, 16 years or older, should fill up the details in the Guest Form.

As and when the guests fill out the Guest Form, their details will be visible under that Guest Party. Supervisor or Account Manager can review the details when guest arrives and then click on verify button next to that guest detail. This will mark the Guest as verified and no details can be edited after that.

Yes, the Guest Forms are editable until the Guest is marked as verified. Once verified, no changes can be done in that Guest Form.

If you are unable to verify a guest, make sure that that your payment method is updated. If you have not saved any card details, then you won’t be able to verify the guests.
€ 1.5 is deducted from your saved card on each guest verification. You will get first 10 verification for free to get acquainted with the platform.

Once the Guest is verified, we will send an email to the Account Manager with the PDF of the guest details in exact format as required by law. This PDF needs to be stored in hard copy for at least 3 years from the date of verification. We will also generate and email the datafile to the Account Manager and s/he will be able to upload it easily to the Police portals. As per the law, the Rental Agreement also needs to be stored for 1 year. Account Manager is the registered user for a certain property, either the Home Owner or a Property Management company.

Yes, once the Guest is verified, you can download the PDF anytime from anywhere.

You will need to activate the account for datafile upload. We can help you to do that. Please contact us and we will arrange it.

The simple answer is that you save a lot of time and there will be no mistakes with misspelling of names, birthdates, passport numbers etc. When uploading a datafile, all guests in one guest party is uploaded in one file.

Yes, once the Guest is verified, you can download the PDF anytime from anywhere. The PDF includes all the data about a certain guest including a passport copy and a signature. This document needs to be printed and stored for 3 years. The PDF is designed as specified by the law.

About PlusGuests

PlusGuests was initially designed to serve the market in Andalusia due to the new law that was implemented 2016. However, the major part of the product can be used anywhere in the world. If you have a special need to customize the product according to your special market conditions, we are happy to do so.

PlusGuests was started in Singapore and the company is still located there. A new Spanish company will be started in Marbella.

Well, we are always ready to help you out with your query. Get in touch with us and we will help you out. Send us an Email or Contact us here.

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