Hola Home Owners!

If you are looking to start renting your holiday home to tourists for short term period, you must have done your research. And you would have realized that it’s not actually easy to rent homes for short term period in Spain. This would be mainly because no proper information is given anywhere which gives precise steps on what needs to be done in case you want to rent your home for short term periods.

Back in 2011, Barcelona brought a law to control the private residential properties. Soon it spread to all the Costas with active backing of Hotel Industry which saw private properties as a big competition and threat to their business.

So if you are home owner looking to rent your property, first, register your property to the ministry responsible for Tourism. You need to submit a statement to the ministry and once submitted, the property can be rented out with immediate effect. The minimum contents of statement will include Property details including cadastral reference and maximum capacity as per license of occupation, and the information about property owner including contact address for notification. The ministry will provide a unique property number which is to be used for all further communication with the officials.

A lot of property owners have taken help from Property management companies to manage their properties and paper work. But it is to be noted that the Homeowner is considered to be legally accountable to the administration and holidaymakers, unless otherwise stated.

So the question is How do you organise the process of renting, pricing, and handling the reservations? If you have contracted all paper work to some property management company, are they complying with the law?

As per law, Home Owners are required to submit the Guest details to policia in their portal within 24 hours and also keep a printed copy of each guest details for at least 3 years from the date of arrival. The guest details are to be kept are in specific format as mentioned in law below

At Plusguests, Home owners can register for free and add their property and related information. Once information is added, Home Owners can start adding guest parties to whom they are renting out their villas. Home Owners can send customized Rental Agreement to one of the guests (Primary Guest) to have it digitally signed before arrival of guests. Home Owners can invite their guests to fill up their details which will be visible once Guests fill up the details and submit. The valuable part for home owners is that they have all details ready even before the actual arrival of guests. When guests arrive, the homeowner can verify the details of arrived guests and generate the pdf of each guest. The generated pdfs are in same format as required by the law and home owners only need to print it and store it in their files. Once guests are verified, the platform creates a unique data-file which can be directly uploaded to policia portal.

Highlights of Plusguests

  • Guest PDF – Download and Print guest details as per law
  • Datafile – Easy upload to Policia rather than adding each guest detail individually


  • Add your Supervisors – Manage assigned guests and verify their details
  • Manage Multiple properties – One user can add as many properties as required

If you have any queries regarding the platform or how we can make your life easier, feel free to get in touch with us via info@plusguests.com